của ThS. Nguyễn Dương Hùng Tiến, Chuyên Luyện  Thi Tiếng Anh Chuyển Cấp 9 Lên 10, và Đại Học THPT  Quốc Gia môn Tiếng Anh, với hàng trăm bài giảng ngữ pháp và hàng nghìn Video bổ trợ theo Lộ Trình Chuẩn Hóa.


TH 1: S + __ V luon luon it ___
12 chu + _V it__
a/ the (large) amount / deal of + [U] + __ V it_____
many a/ an + N SINGULAR + ___ V it __
-Many a good man __has ___ been destroyed by drink. [many a good man = many men]
-either’ KHÔNG : Which color do you prefer? Either is fine with me. – ‘neither’ KHÔNG: Neither of the two traffic lights is working.
either KHONG, niether KHONG, tuc la DUNG MOT MINH, khong di kem either … or . …; neither …. nor ….
-SỐ LƯỢNG: tiền/ khoảng cách/ trọng lượng/ thời gian/ tổng số/ quá trình tính toán + Three million dollars is a huge sum of money. + 30 miles is not that far. + 1.0000000000000002 pounds is one kilo. + Two weeks is enough time to finish the contract. + Two and two is four.
TH 2: S + _ V luon luon nhieu__
– BOTH… AND… ’ + Both Tom and Mary are teachers – ‘SEVERAL, MANY, BOTH, FEW, OTHERS’ dùng như Pronouns (không cộng N): + Several in the building have complained about the fumes. + Many were unhappy with having to stand.
-‘THE + ADJ dùng như N chỉ nhóm người’ : The rich have to help the poor. * ADJ dùng như N chỉ nhóm người: rich, poor, sick, dead, young, old, homeless, disabled, elderly, unemployed, injured, wounded, …
-‘THE + quốc tịch’: The English are reserved.
TH 3: S1 …. S2 + ___ V theo S2
– ‘EITHER… OR…” : either the girl or the BOYS GO to school either the girl or the BOY GOES to school
– ‘NEITHER… NOR…” : Neither the girl nor the BOYS GO to school Neither the girl nor the BOY GOES to school
– ‘NOT ONLY… BUT ALSO… ’: Not only my brother but also MY PARENTS ARE here. Not only my brother but also MY PARENT IS here.
– ‘OR/ NOR’: – The actresses or THEIR MANAGER is going to a party tonight. – It’s he or I who AM to go
TH 4: S1 …. S2 + _ V theo S1
– ‘WITH/ TOGETHER WITH/ ALONG WITH/ AS WELL AS/ INCLUDING/ ACCOMPANIED BY/ EXCEPT/ LIKE e.g.: + THE ACTRESS, along with her manager and some friends, is going to a party tonight. + MR. ROBIN, accompanied by his wife and children, is arriving tonight. + EVERY PICTURE except these two has been sold. + ALICE with her parents often goes to the park on Sundays. + All of the BOOKS, including yours, are in that box.
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